Mini Haul & Review: Clarisonic Mia Arcona Set

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ahhh I have been SO bad at updating this past week, so sorry everyone! Sometimes I get a little lazy and just keep putting it off until tomorrow..then tomorrow turns into the day after..and before I know it, the week just flies by! :(

So I've been trying very hard to not spend money lately, because the fall semester is almost about to start, which means...terms bills to be paid *sobs*. My self-imposed shopping ban didn't last too long unfortunately, because I just HAD to get this Clarisonic set when I saw it on a few weeks ago. I've been planning to purchase the Clarisonic Mia for more than a year already, but never wanted to part with the $149. So when I saw the Arcona set ($207 value), which is the same exact price as the Mia itself, but with extra goodies included, I jumped at the opportunity. Plus also had a promotion for a Lela Rose clutch bag jammed with deluxe samples ($135 value) for orders of $100 or more. Plus throw in the 3 free samples with every purchase. So I feel like I scored a pretty good deal, and definitely got my money's worth in merchandise and samples.

Close-up of the Lela Rose clutch

The Arcona set comes with the Clarisonic Mia (1 speed), a sensitive brush head, an international pLink charger, a 1 fl.oz. Gentle Hydro Cleanser, 0.5 fl.oz. Booster Defense Serum, 0.5 fl.oz. Magic White Ice, and a mesh travel bag for your Mia.

The Mia itself is sized pretty well, and fits snugly into your palm. It feels really sturdy and well-built (I dropped mine on the bathroom floor already, and so far it still works!). The casing is also waterproof, so it is safe to use in the shower. The brush head is also sized well, and isn't too small or large for the face. I have pretty sensitive skin, so I'm glad that this set came with the sensitive brush head. It didn't irritate my skin even after daily use. It is recommended that you replace the brush head every 90-120 days.

The center part of the brush oscillates back and forth, while the outer ring of brush fibers remains stationary to prevent your face wash from flying all over the place. Moving the brush in small circular motions, you are suppose to use it for a recommended time of 20 seconds on the forehead, 20 seconds on the nose and chin area, and 10 seconds on each cheek. (1 minute total for entire face). The Mia also automatically turns itself off after the full 1 minute.

The included pLink charger can be used worldwide. The charger itself is magnetic, and just attaches itself to the base of the Mia. A blinking green LED light on the Mia handle notifies you when charging is complete. Upon removal from the box, it is recommended that you charge your Clarisonic for a full 24 hours. Fully charged, the Mia can be used approximately 20 times.

Final Thoughts: Although it comes with a pretty hefty price tag, I feel that the Clarisonic Mia is a good skincare investment. Since using it, I have noticed that I no longer have problems with dry patches of skin, especially on my cheek area. Plus, my skin also looks a little more radiant and bright. Before, I just used my hands to wash my face, and my face never really felt completely clean afterward. But with the Clarisonic, everything feels squeaky clean after, and my moisturizers sink into my skin better. I also find that I don't have to use as much face wash when using the Clarisonic. The only thing I dislike about it is if you wear makeup and don't manually remove it beforehand, the makeup will end up staining your brush head. I wash my brush with antibacterial handsoap after every use, but the brush never remains fully brand-new looking.

I have never really had problems with acne, so I can't really say if using the Clarisonic will help clear up your skin. Once in a blue moon, I will have an occasional zit, but I've been using it once a day for almost 2 weeks now, and so far I have remained pimple-free. I also haven't noticed any reduction in blackheads or pore size yet, but I am hoping that with prolonged use I might see some further improvements in my skin.

Purchase the Clarisonic Mia Arcona Set ($207 value) for $149 at


  1. omg rinny this looks so good! your good review on it is tempting me to get it ><

  2. ooo that looks so nice to use... I might end up getting one!

    And yeah, I am so lazy when it comes to updating too... I just don't know what to write about sometimes, lol

  3. that's such a good deal!!
    i'm so jealous i bought my mia about a year ago and all i got was an extra brush head and bag :(

  4. thats a really well written review. I might buy one but its a lot of money for something that I dont know will make a big difference or not.

  5. I tagged you to have fun with these 8 questions I ask you! let me know when it's done as ur updated blog entry, thank u

  6. @amanda: haha well it's definitely a pricey investment, but I don't regret getting it at all :)

    @Tanna: Yep, I love using it! Really removes all the makeup from my face. Haha yeah I'm going to start making a list of ideas for future posts so I update more often >.<

    @emi: aww...yeah that's why I didn't get it until now either - there were never really any good deals out!

    @Paislea: hehe me too! I'm probably going to end up storing my makeup brushes in it :P

    @ ☆穣 ☆: ahh yeah I've only been using it for a litte more than 2 weeks, and I haven't seen any drastic improvements yet. I'll probably do an update post a month or two from now; hopefully my skin will have experienced some more improvements by then!

    @sweetkuromi: haha thanks for tagging me! I love filling those things out, so I'll definitely be doing it :)

  7. i just wish i wore makeup. i should enter all of your fun giveaways for my sister in law! she'd love some make up! hhah.

    ♥ i hope you're having a good day!

  8. @Paislea: Haha well you seem to appreciate art a lot, so I'm sure you would definitely have fun with makeup if you decide to wear it! If not, natural beauty is always the most beautiful! ;)

  9. This cleansing product looks really good! now i wanna get it! haha! thanks for the great review! : )

  10. @priincess: Thanks for visiting! I'm glad you enjoyed my review ^^


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