Reader Request: Eye Makeup for Monolids

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reader dreamy princess requested that I give some tips for applying eye makeup on monolid eyes. She said she has slanted eyes, with no eyelid, so it's hard for her to apply colors. Although my eyes aren't very slanted, I do also have a monolid like her (it's more noticeable on one eye). I'm actually a pretty big noob when it comes to applying eye makeup, so there really isn't much info I have to share, but this is how I generally do my own.

A - All over color (usually something sheer or skintoned to conceal redness)
B - Lid color
C - Outer corner color
D & E - Highlight color

As for eyeliner, I usually like to do a small wing, or an upwards flick at the end. I find that extending the line out makes my eyes appear a bit larger.

Because most Asian eyes don't have a double lid, or crease, like most women, there really isn't a right or wrong way to apply eye makeup. Plus Asian eyes have so many different shapes; they can be almond shaped, half moons, slanted, unslanted, etc., so there are a number of looks that can be done.

Actually, jinahchae from youtube actually did this really great video where she shows different eyeshadow looks for different Asian shaped eyes, complete with drawings and everything. Video below :)

There are a lot of tutorials online by both bloggers and Youtube gurus, so if you don't know how to apply eye makeup for monolids, or just want to learn something new, definitely take a look into all of these resources. This was actually how I started learning to apply eye makeup when I first started wearing it :)

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  1. I have monolids as well, and i still think its difficult to apply make up. usually when I'm using different kind of colors it will be too much.

  2. this was a nice post =) very interesting. xD although i only do smokey eyes most of the time, its great to experiment with different eyeshapes like you said. we should do a tutorial on your eyeshape with a look sometime =))

  3. Amazing!! Thanks a lot hon!!!!!!!>< Love ya!

    I hope I'll be better at applying eye shadow! ;DD

    Dreamy Princess
    ~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

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  5. Thanks for the tip ^___^
    Even I don't got monolids.

  6. Great post! I like trying different ways of applying make up
    Thanks for stopping by my blog

  7. i have monolids too. thanks for the tip :)

  8. Thanks everyone for the comments! ^_^

    @Elisa Lee: yeah I know what you mean, especially if you're using dark colors for a smokey eye or something; it always looks like I have a black eye if I try for dramatic looks lol

    @A2NL0V4U: haha definitely! I still have no idea how to create a smokey eye for myself >.<

    @dreamy princess: No problem! I find that playing around with color combinations and applications helps a lot :)


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