Review: Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Before I review this, I just wanted to share something that happened to me that kinda pissed me off.  Feel free to skip forward if you don't want to read all this.

Last Thursday, I was called by a recruiter to go in for an interview for an office administrator position. I went in, met with both the recruiter and the manager, and thought I did really well. The recruiter told me they would make a decision by the next day, and even asked what time would be the best to call. Friday comes and goes with no call from her. I call on Monday - she doesn't pick up, so I leave a message asking her to please let me know the status of my application. 

It's now been more than a week and I haven't heard from her at all. When I didn't get a call back last Friday, I already assumed I didn't get the job, but I think it is so rude that she couldn't even be courteous and call me back after I took the time to leave a message for her. I mean it would have only taken a minute of her time! I understand that she may have felt uncomfortable telling me I was rejected for the position, but completely ignoring someone's message is both rude and unprofessional for someone who is suppose to be representing the company. Do you guys think I'm justified in feeling so upset, or am I completely overreacting? :(

Okay enough of my ranting, here's my review for Revlon's Colorstay foundation. This foundation has been highly raved by the beauty community, so I had to give it a try.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation - 150 Buff
Product Description:
Revlon Colorstay is MSRP $12.99 for a 1 fl.oz. bottle (even cheaper if you get it during a BOGO sale). It comes in two formulas - normal/dry skin and combo/oily skin. I hate buying drugstore foundations because they don't have testers, but I got this in 150 Buff  (2nd shade) for Normal/Dry skin, and luckily it was a very close match for me, especially since it's the winter right now and I'm pretty pale. I would describe this as more of a beige color with yellow undertones.

The foundation is suppose to provide a medium to full coverage. It also contains SPF 15. (The darker shades only contain SPF 12). 

Stock swatches taken from Revlon site.
Revlon Colorstay in 150 Buff
Swatch of Revlon Colorstay in Buff (flash on)
Note: The newer formulation contains Softplex, which is suppose to be more lightweight. This review is for the original formula.

I applied Colorstay with my Sonia Kashuk skunk brush using a stippling motion. The coverage is really good - in fact I like this a lot more than Makeup Forever's HD liquid foundation. One layer completely evened my skintone, corrected redness, and made my dark circles less prominent.  It didn't completely conceal my sunspots, but if I layer the foundation on I think I could at least make them much less visible. 
Bare skin vs. Colorstay in Buff
After (flash on) - Colorstay in Buff (with full makeup)

UPDATE (1/14/2012): Photo of Colorstay foundation in natural lighting outdoors (no flash)
-Buildable coverage
-Evens skintone, corrects redness
-Long lasting
-Looks good in photos

-Tends to dry quickly, which makes blending difficult if you let it sit for too long
-A bit heavy feeling on the skin
-Formula a bit drying 
-Smells pretty bad in the bottle (smell dissipates after awhile)
-Open bottle design pours too much product out at once
-Hard to find a color match because you can't test at the store

Final Thoughts:  
I love how this foundation looked after applying it on my face and how it made my skin look smooth and (nearly) flawless. I normally prefer a more "dewy" look over a matte finish, but I'll make an exception for this foundation only because it looks great in photos. Even with flash on, the SPF in the foundation didn't make me look that much paler. The only things I dislike are the plastic-y smell and how the product is dispensed. But other than that, I am very satisfied with the results of Colorstay.

Have any of you tried Colorstay? What are your thoughts on it? 


  1. I use their Revlon Active Colorstay in Buff and it's way easier to blend and feels kind of like a tinted moisturizer as to a full-face foundation.

  2. The new header picture's looking really good. Great job. And thanks for the review. It looks enticing enough for me to give it a shot :p Thanks and have a nice day!

  3. I never tried this actually ^^ but it looks good, too bad that the smell and the packaging aint that good though.. But it looks good on the photo ^^ really gives you an even skintone =)

  4. Thanks for the good review ^^
    I know how you feel about waiting for phone calls and people not calling you back after interviews. I would be pissed off too! But don't worry I'm sure something else better will pop up soon ^^

  5. If she wouldnt say she will call when, even asking for right time, then you shouldnt be upset. BUt SHE did, so you have all the rights to be furious! But i guess it will not be the last situation like this, so i think you should get used to it (sorry to say that). Maybe just wasnt the right place to work or you, im sure you will find better!Good luck and dont give up!
    the foundation from Revlon i didnt really like it, not one of my favorites- but maybe because im hooked on mineral powder foundations...

  6. Looks good indeed! I hadn't had the chance to try Revlon foundations yet but those reviews make me very optimistic!

  7. I agree with everything you said ^_^ right down the annoying open bottle design and difficulty finding a color match (though i use buff too ^_^)!

    great review as usual ~

  8. I would be mad too...It would nice if she called back...ugh some people are just soo rude...

    I've never used Revlon foundation but this looks really nice on you! great review.

  9. I've heard a lot of reviews about this product. they said this is the best drugstore foundation.
    I wanna try it, but my skin is a lil bit sensitive, so I'm afraid there will be acnes everywhere. :(

  10. That person is realllyyy rude for not calling you back :\ You are definitely not over-reacting. I would've been pretty pissed ;_;

    Andd, I haven't tried this yet but from your review, it sounds pretty good apart from the few cons. And you do look really good with it on!

  11. Yeah i agree with you on the company's unprofessional action toward replying back to your job application xD. She should've at least said Something to you.

    and the foundation looks great on you!!!! =] and your pic looks so pretty here =]. I never went back to my revlon colorstay cus of the smell... but since it came out so good on you, i might give it another try! =)

  12. oh great review!! i've been curious about this foundation as well and am glad to see how it worked for you. i had no idea that it had a funky smell though and seeing as how i'm super sensitive to bad smells, i probably won't be picking it up. thanks!

    cute and little

  13. i love Revlon Color stay!! I wear it if I want a good coverage that is long lasting !! i.e going to club and some other important parties!

  14. I've always wanted to try this foundation, but the bottle design with the gaping hole kinda bothers me. it doesn't seem very hygienic.

    Rinny, have you used smashbox primer light? I really love it. It's so useful for oily skin. Do you know any equally good primers i can try? It's kinda expensive to purchase it in the philippines. :\

  15. i still have yet to try this but i know its very popular among bloggers...the reviews sound great, i guess i will have to buy it now! :)

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    Beauty Bag 411

  16. Ahhh.. I've been wanting to get this but the shades available are either too dark or too fair. Not willing to get 2 to mix as I'm not sure if it will be good on me.

  17. @나니: Ooo thanks, I'll check out the Active version next time I'm at the drugstore then, because I'm not really liking how heavy this feels on my skin >.<

    @Secret Dream World of Fe: Thanks so much for liking the banner, and for reading! Glad the review was helpful :)

    @Elisa: Thank you for the comment! Yeah it's a bit smelly at first, but it goes away after about 30 mins or so :)

    @No'8: Thanks for reading! And thank you for the encouragement; I actually got called in today for an interview at a law firm, but unfortunately I don't think I did too well this time lol

    @MornaBlue: Thank you so much for the pep talk! Yeah you're right about it probably not being the last time something like this happens; a few people I know have also experienced something similar, so I guess it is a common practice among recruiters. And I can see why you would be hooked on mineral foundations - they probably feel a lot more lightweight and look more natural than liquid formulas :)

    @Thifa: Thank you! You should definitely give it a try, it looks great in photos, plus it's not very expensive :)

    @InsideOut Elle: Thanks! Yeah I'm surprised Revlon hasn't changed their bottle design after so many reviews have complained about it. I'm glad we both got lucky at least to find a color match that isn't too far off from our own skintone :D

  18. @Eva: Thank you for the comment! Yeah it seems society in general has downgraded in terms of manners compared to how it was decades ago; I partly blame all of this technology we constantly bury ourselves in >.<

    @Inge Luciana: Haha that's exactly why I tried this, because everyone keeps saying how good it is for a drugstore foundation. But you're right about the sensitivity thing - my pores felt really clogged up after I used this. If your skin is very sensitive, I have a feeling this may cause you to break out >.<

    @Melody: Haha thank you Melody, I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one that feels this way. And thank you for the nice comment! You should give it a try if it isn't too expensive overseas :)

    @A2NLOV4U: Thanks for the comment! Yeah I never thought that a company representative would be so rude as to ignore a phone call :( And thank you! <3 Haha yeah the smell is a bit of a turnoff, but the results are so worth it!

    @kileen: Thanks for reading! Haha if you're super sensitive to bad smells, then you won't be pleased with this foundation at all. Others have said it smells like paint thinner, which is a pretty accurate description I think.

    @Rinz: Haha glad to see the foundation works for you! Aside from the smell, I really love the results I get from this foundation :)

    @The Perpetrator: Yeah you're definitely right about that - it would have been so much better if they made it a pump bottle dispenser! I've actually never tried the "light" version - the original Smashbox primer broke me out because I'm allergic to the silicone in it I think. I actually don't use a face primer, so I don't have any good recommendations...sorry! :(

    @Liana: Haha you definitely should give it a try, especially since it's not very pricey :D

    @Isabel: Do they only sell limited shades where you live? There should be a color somewhere in the middle that suits you; but I agree, it's really hard picking a color because they don't have testers out. I chose my color based on other reviews written by girls that looked similar in color to me :)

  19. It probably turned out better than you think it did ^^ at least you are getting called in for interviews though, which means that you do have something that they want, so it won't be too long ^^

  20. from your review this does look like a good product, and good in photos, ooh I gotta buy it just for taking photos for my blog lol! you sold me ;)

  21. @No'8: Haha thanks, I sure hope so! Sometimes I think I'm too critical of myself. I think I need to brush up on my interview skills some more so I can be more confident when I walk in :P

    @Pop Champagne: Lol maybe I should look into a career in sales. Hope you like it as much as I do :D

  22. Hi,

    Just let me start off by saying what a great post. I've always been a Loreal girl but i'm gradually moving towards revlon.

    I bought this foundation after hearing it lasted a long time while giving medium to full coverage, (a must for me as I'd used foundations in the past that just started to "slide" off my face after just two hours...not nice). I bought and used the oily/combination skin version in and I have to say, I haven't looked back since! By far the best out of the foundations I've tried in the past. Here's what i think:

    - Lasts AGES: OK, it started fading a little with me after about 5-6 hours, but that's in terms of shine, not redness! (I just applied a little powder and the shininess went away. My face was still fully covered in terms of uneven skintone however).
    - Doesn't break me out, (and I have fairly blemish-prone skin).
    - Seems to 'blend' into your skin over time; it feels less heavy the longer you wear it, 'til you barely feel like you're wearing a foundation at all, yet it remains looking flawless, and still with full coverage of redness and scarring; a great thing by any means!
    - Comes in a wide range of tones, and for oily/combination skin as well as normal, and dry.
    - Feels a bit heavy and sticky when first applying. I recommend using a damp makeup sponge and subtly blending away any harsh lines that occur, if any, to stop it feeling cakey and looking too thick.
    - Would be so much more convenient with a dispenser! (Pouring it out is a bit irritating as occasionally too much comes out the end).
    - Slightly difficult to blend without the aid of a damp sponge, and a bit easier to remove in my opinion, (just cleansing & moisuturising), but still not effortless, (it may be a good thing that it stays put however!)

    Overall, I'd recommend this foundation if you want long lasting, mostly full coverage, but don't mind the fact it is a liquid foundation, (some people have reservations that they are "bad" for your skin, though I have no evidence of this in my own experience), or that it feels a bit thick when first applying, and for the first, perhaps fifteen minutes after this.
    I maybe wouldn't recommend it for people with dry skin - I can't draw on this too much but maybe it's a bit too thick for their skin type - but I *would* definitely to people with blemishes and acne scarring, as it hasn't broken me out at all, yet covered me up very well.
    And that's it!
    Hope this helps somebody out there (:!
    Hope you dont mind me intruding on your post and having my own little rant.

    Definate thumbs up on this one.
    From another newbie blogger


  23. Lol I'm the same lol, think I need to brush up on my skills too. But I always find no matter what questions I prepare myself for they always come up with one that I can't answer properly lol. Oh the joys of interviews lol

  24. OMG the same thing happened to me before! well in my case i wrote him emails but he never replied! and no call as promised =( but yeah it was really rude and totally unprofessional of that lady! but don't let it get to you... you wouldn't wanna work with someone like that anyways LOL

  25. @mary: I don't mind at all; thank you for sharing your Colorstay experience! My friend is very similar in skin type to you, so I will definitely pass this along to her. I completely agree with you about this foundation not being for dry skin types - even the normal/dry formula is not moisturizing enough :(

    @No'8: You are so right! When I met with a manager once, he asked me to name one song currently on my Ipod. My mind completely blanked and I just threw out the first song that came into my head - "Like a G6" by Far East Movement - which is SO not work appropriate! I guess it's no wonder they didn't call me back; if he looked up the lyrics he probably thinks I'm an alcoholic lol

    @ANNIE: Aww sorry to hear you had a similar experience. lol but yeah you're right, I'm probably better off not working with them if the lady lacks basic manners!

  26. it's really rude and unprofessional if the person says will call and never returns call. i've been in that boat and know how it feels. but what can we do? just move on to next job application and i'm sure you'll find something better.

    my revlon colorstay doesn't smell 'plastic-y'. i'm not sure if mine is the newer version or not.

  27. @coco: Thank you so much for your comment! Hopefully you're right and I find something better soon! :P Hmm the smell actually resembles paint thinner more, and from what I read in reviews it seems like the majority of ppl complain about it, even with the newer formula. Maybe you got lucky and got a good bottle :D

  28. Lovely post, awesome that you tried it on your skin, found this revlon foundation to be pretty amazing, here's my review actually! you're beautiful! xx Roseanne

  29. @Roseanne: Thanks so much for visiting Roseanne! I definitely agree with you that this foundation is nothing short of amazing haha. I really enjoyed your review - your skin looks flawless in the after photos! And thank you so much for the compliment! *^__^*

  30. Thanks for the awesome review!

  31. Thanks for reading Sara! ^^


  32.  I love this review! and you look pretty :) btw National Service is compulsory in my country - Malaysia for those who are selected. Its usually for men in other countries who are on the same system but mine just had to make girls go,it was one of a kind experience but if i were given a chance again,i would never go :P 

  33. Thanks so much Allison! ^^ Oh wow, that's crazy how it's compulsory. I know that
    a lot of countries it is mandatory for the men (like Korea) but this is the
    first time I've heard of it being compulsory for women as well. It sounds like
    it must be really tough, especially if you aren't a very physically active
    person to begin with (like me haha) ><


  34. whats your shade in mac studiofix fluid?

    1. Hi Anonymous, sorry but I've actually never been color matched at a MAC counter so I don't know what shade I would be :(

  35. great review . i plan to buy this foundation , instead of makeupforever too pricey :)


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