OOTD: My Petite Four Contest Entry

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hope everyone has been enjoying their weekends! The weather is finally starting to get warmer for us here on the East coast and I couldn't be happier, because that means I can finally start wearing my skirts and dresses barelegged again! Not to mention I'm super excited about all the bright colors and pastels that seem to be really in trend this year :D

So to say goodbye to the last days of winter, and in anticipation of the coming of spring, here's a transition outfit for when the weather is on the cooler side. This is also my entry to MyPetiteFour's weekly contest.

Just tweet a picture of your look of the day showing your "Petite Four" - your favorite fashion or makeup items, and don't forget to include hashtag #MyPetiteFour in your message. You can also post your entry on their Facebook page as well. The winner will receive a free makeup set as a prize! For more information, click here.

My "petite four" picks: a leather (or in this case, faux leather) jacket, a bright handbag, a neutral scarf, and a playful ring.


I admit that I cheated a bit since this isn't today's look. I went to Chinatown last weekend and this is what I wore out for the trip. It was actually still pretty cold that day, so I layered a cable knit sweater underneath the jacket and added the scarf to keep me warm.


I cannot stop raving enough about my love for the Express moto jacket! The color is perfect for the spring and it's great for cooler days since it's lightweight but keeps the wind out. Not to mention it fits me like a glove and hugs my (non-existent) curves in all the right places!


The scarf was like $4 on Ebay and I actually have it in a number of different prints and colors...can you blame me though? It was so cheap!

I also love how the satchel adds a pop of color to my otherwise neutral outfit, and the fox ring is playful and whimsical. Best part? It was less than $2 on Ebay! Can you guys tell that I'm a total Ebay junkie? :)



Express Minus the Leather Moto Jacket in Clay (size XS): shop here
Express Cable Knit T-Shape Sweater in Ivory (size XS): shop here
GAP 1969 Legging Jeans (size 00): shop here
Blowfish Clara Flats: similar here
Sorial Medium Accordion Satchel in Fuschia: similar here
Scarf (Ebay)
Fox Ring (Ebay)

I hope that some of you will enter PetiteFour's contest too! (there wasn't a specific deadline mentioned so I'm hoping it's still going on since I'm posting this kinda late) >.<


  1. I love your jacket and your bag! :D

  2. I love this OOTD, love the bag and jacket so stylish!Goodluck on the contest! I'm betting on you ^_^~ oh by the way, I love the bag..wait did I mention that already? lolz..I really love the bag..hehe..^_^~

  3. love this outfit! esp the red bag, great pop of color. and omg such a great steal!!!

    gl w the contest :D

  4. that red handbad is so eyecatching~!

  5. Love your casual chic look! Good luck with the contest =)

  6. Cute outfit. I love the zip designs on your bag. :]

  7. Lovely outfit! I love the bright pop of colour against a more neutral palette. The zipper details on the bag are really cool too :)

    Aww, that fox ring is adorable as well. Good luck with the contest!

  8. I cant help but not rave about your Express moto jacket too! Totally the perfect "leather" jacket on you!

  9. I like your bag! the zipper details were extraordinary gorgeous!


  10. You're SOOOO gorgeous Rinny!!! I hope you'll win!!! Really enjoy the bright pop of color and this "almost spring" kind of look :)

  11. lucky you, over here the weather is still chilly even though it's suppose to be the first day of spring :(
    great outfit~ i love the color of the leather jacket. like you said it's a nice color for spring.
    good luck in the contest :)

  12. you look super cute! and warm. LOL.
    loving your red purse!!!

    Shoetopia Giveaway -- 3 winners. Come and join! :D


  13. Such a cute outfit!! ^_^ Love the bag!
    $2??? What a steal! I really like getting stuff on ebay too. =w= Most of my stuff comes from there.

  14. I love how neutral the look is with a pop of color, bag! :)

  15. Aww good luck with this contest dear! I love the bag and the scarf <3 <3

  16. Lovely entry!! I love your bag OH SO much!!

  17. It's gotten warm super fast on the East coast! Yay!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  18. Very nice style, but when I checked the site, isn't the theme is :"This week's theme: Show off your lovely skin! (stylishly)"

    But really love the jacket... :)

    1. Thanks Noniq! Hmm...I don't see that theme you mentioned on the site anywhere. MyPetiteFour tweeted me back though, and it looks like they're choosing a winner on Sunday so there's still time to enter :)

  19. Very cute outfit Rinny! I love how you mix cold colors like black and red with warm colors like beige. Your ring is also adorable!


  20. Ooh, gorgeous OOTD! I absolutely adore that bag, such a lovely colour!!

  21. lovely lovely outfit! i dont think i subbed to you? will do now!

  22. You look amazing dear!
    Gorgeous blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  23. I love your bag.... and jacket! Heck, this entire look is incredible! LOVE IT!
    aaaaaah, I want your ring *-* so awesome!

  24. You look beautiful Rinny! I love your outfit and how that bag adds pop of color.

  25. Pretty and love the beige
    jacket ^^
    Also love the bag!
    Especially the zippers c:


  26. I so love the outfit dear!!!!! Anyway, I followed you :)) Would u mind to follow back??? :))


  27. Cute outfit :) I really like that jacket as well and the gorgeous colour of the bag!

  28. I found a jacket just like you are wearing, i love it right away but it was way too big for me. Btw, that bag is eye candy.

  29. good luck winning the contest! lol i'm too lazy to enter..i never win those things hahah~~ but i hope you do! cute outfit. can't believe the scarf was only $4!! man, ebay has some great finds! I need to shop there more. keep in touch <3


  30. Very pretty. I like the different textures (jacket, sweater, scarf) and that cute ring!

  31. Cute outfit!! <3 Love the bag and your jacket.

  32. Your purse is LOVE. I love the colour, how you paired it with your neutral clothes, definitely brings out everything. EBAY LOVERS UNITE!

  33. Ah! I love your outfit! Comfy-casual, yet still very stylish. I'm a total eBay junkie too. I buy most of my scarves and accessories from there! Love amazing deals! :)

  34. you look so pretttyyyyy! love all the shots too! gorge

  35. I just love your ebay purchases. I'm a total ebay junkie myself. What a great bag!


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