I am a US-based college graduate with a double major in Criminal Justice and Sociology. Currently I am working in the energy conservation field, but I wish to possibly pursue a career in the legal or government fields one day.

About the Blog
I am an avid shopper, and probably spend way more than I should be, but this is what fueled my interest in starting a blog. In my spare time I now enjoy blogging about cosmetics and skincare, fashion, and writing product reviews. I do not claim to be a makeup or beauty "guru," as I do realize that there are still many things for me to improve on in terms of product use, technique, etc. so there probably won't be many tutorials written, for now, at least.

My blogging philosophy is to provide comprehensive, honest, and unbiased reviews to all my readers. All opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced by any other factors. Sponsored or compensated posts will be clearly marked as such. If you are a business owner interested in sponsoring this site, please click here for more information on sponsorships and advertising opportunities.

In regards to fashion, my blog posts will mostly concentrate on petite fashion and petite career wear. It's already tough enough shopping for professional wear when you're a recent college graduate, but being petite only makes this task that much harder. So I hope that my posts will be of help to all you other petite gals out there who are trying to build your professional wardrobe!

For a list of commonly asked questions, check out my FAQ page!

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